Monday, January 7, 2013


Ok....well I am trying my dangdest (yes...that's a word!!!) to get back in the swing of painting and creating new work for upcoming shows. January is ALWAYS challenging. Let's face it, it is challenging for almost everyone! New year, new resolutions.....blah-bity-blah....and all that.
Yes. I have a few resolutions. I thought (since you already know too much about me) maybe I would share my top 9 resolutions for 2013:

1.) Finally get down to my birth weight. ;-)
    (When I told husband.....he said "Wow. You must have been a fat baby!")

2.) Be less of a self-critic! Firstly, I want to make a concerted effort this year to not put CRAY-CRAY
    expectations on myself. Those of you who are 'type-A' know this behaviour well!
    And then, each time I feel myself disappointed in myself I am gonna “make the positive argument”.
    LET ME EXPAND.....
    Often when we are upset we can thing of a million reasons or excuses that support our argument.
    BUT when you try to argue the very opposite position, we can often make that case just as easily.
    For example, if I tell myself, “I am terrible at meeting new people”, I begin to list numerous examples
    of my AWKWARDNESS; if I tell myself, “I’m an outgoing person,” I remember times when I was
    outgoing. I’m able to argue both conclusions quite persuasively. So to make use of this phenomenon,
    I resolved to “make the positive argument” to challenge my critical thoughts about myself.
    LET'S ALL TRY THIS ONE you type A'ers!
    May I recommend that you do this OUT LOUD when you wish to have a whole seat to yourself
    (on the the movies......etc......) You're welcome!

3.) See the glass as half full....................of vodka. DONE!

4.) Smile wider.....showing as much teeth as possible. I give you this example:
Frightening, not unlike the movie Jaws!
    Ok.....I was just kidding with that one......but there I go again.....self-critical.......I am already 
    breaking resolution #2! DOH!

5.) Practice gratitude. IT'S A HARD ONE. Especially when things aren't going as well as you had 
     hoped........but I really think that it could be life changing! Oprah HAS to be right about this one!

6.) Positively affirm! This is the year that I am gonna say a positive affirmation to myself NUMEROUS 
     times a day. YES....I have one prepared, but I don't want you to steal mine ;-) so.....
     For a great staring point......I give you this BLOG/LIST it is really helpful!!!!
     But, if you are still stuck for something great to say to yourself...I give you this:
    You're welcome! And no....I would never wear that sweater!

7.) Learn patience. IT'S BIG! But, I figure if I can even be 10% more patient than last year, I will be 
     doing better! THIS IS A GREAT ARTICLE ON IT!!!! 
     It is a bit I stopped after the first 3 points......but.....oh.....DAMN! ;-)

8.) Stop complaining about how awful my boss is. (ooops.....see #2...again)
9.) Stop following everyone else's rules. I really mean this one! No, I won't be breaking the law......I
     will just be less confined by what others expect! This applies in ALL my life.....personal,
     professional and even in how I dress!! For example:
     I will dress like I am 70! AKA wear exactly what I like, and what looks good on me!!
     Let's face it, NOBODY says......."look how stupid that 70 year old guy looks"! (unless you are a
     total d-bag) So, why not live that way now?? In the last few years, I started wearing more bow ties
     and wearing colours like a walking crayon that in style? Maybe not so much now.
     BUT I DON'T CARE! I can seriously 'rock' a bow!!!
     So, I refuse to follow THOSE rules anymore!
     (not in a hipster "I-think-I-am-so-different-dressing-ironically-even-though-I-am-dressing-like-every-
     other-hipster" kind of way......but in a "THIS-looks-great-on-me-so-I-will-wear-it" kind of way!!!)
     This year...who knows?
     Hats?? Suspenders???? Bell bottoms??????
     A monocle and pipe?
     TIGHTS AS PANTS???  ok....not THAT...because it looks good on NO ONE!
     But you get the idea!
So there you go!
My top 9 resolutions for this year. It was gonna be the top 10, but EVERYONE does that!
(aka see #9!)
What are your resolutions??
I'd love to know!!

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