Wednesday, January 23, 2013


WOW! 100 Wonderful Wednesday Posts - THAT IS AH-MAH-ZING!!!!
I mean, that is 500 things that I have found inspirational and suggested to you(s).
Ok......well let's hope I have another 100 in me.
For now, I still enjoy bringing you my top 5 things each week that are exciting!!!!
This past week I have been sick with the plague, so I haven't had a chance to explore the real world for you.......but I give you these:

1.) THIS IS CRAZY! But I need to go to there!!!!!!!!!!!  I give you the  'the hot tub boat'! PERFECT for cottage life.
 "Engineered and built in seattle, by a marine carpenter 'the hot tub boat' utilizes a vinyl-ester hull topped with a slatted deck handcrafted from african teak. positioned on the vessel's center of buoyancy, the vessel provides exceptional stability -  drafting only 20 inches, even when filled with its maximum load of 2,100 lbs of water and six adult bathers.
An integrated diesel-powered boiler with an adjustable thermostat heats the tub's water to a maximum 104° F - also powering the built-in waterproof MP3 stereo system plays through its two flush-mounted 50-watt speakers that pop-up from the deck. A 24-volt electric motor propels the boat up to 8 km/h on calm water, steered via a joystick. A rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours of power from an overnight charge using its built-in 'smart plug shore power connection' and on-board chargers.
WAIT.......I don't have a cottage.

2.) Meaghan Smith. I am enjoying her music right now. You'll see why:

It is from her album "The Crickets Orchestra". I like it! Here are a couple more tunes from her:

Great, huh??
Ok...moving on.....

3.) I am NOT a huge Lord Of The Rings fan, but THIS is amazing. Honestly, I saw the movies and even enjoyed them, but I am not a die-hard fan! Utah based balloon artist Jeremy Telford is a CRAZY FAN! He has constructed Bilbo Baggins’ hobbit house entirely out of balloons.

This Tolkien super fan spent over 40 hours with swollen fingers creating the life size structure right in the middle of his living room using only a hand held balloon pump, his imagination, and a spiffy green vest to hold the balloons in. The structure comes complete with a fireplace filled with wood and flames, ornate chandelier, ceiling beams and closet doors that open and close! Watch a time lapse video after the jump of Telford in action as he creates the ultimate nerd shrine to Lord Of The Rings.
CRAZY!!!!!! But amazing to behold!
(via and

4.) This is the coolest thing I have gotten this year! The "Pocket Boom Portable Vibration Speaker". I know......big name for such a tiny here it is:
First, it is such good design.  I love that it is small enough to fit in your pocket or your small purse.
But then all you have to do to make it work, is turn it on plug into your phone,  unscrew the cap that houses the speaker part and stick it something! VOILA! Easy-peasy!

Yes, attach it to ANYTHING that makes the sound resonate.......anything from a cup to a window into a speaker! I have tried a cup, which was pretty good.......I tried a tin - which was.....well.....tin-y.....I also tried a cardboard box which I liked a LOT works well on the packaging it came in.........but my favourite place was when it was on my filing cabinet!!
The 'Pocket BOOM' is super cool.......and super effective too!!!
So now I can enjoy my music through a speaker ANYWHERE!!!!
I may try it on a window of a streetcar.....and see it people enjoy it!!
Here is a little example of how it works....I am maybe not tech savvy enough to make my own video.....but you get the drift from this:

Remember to check out more mobile phone accessories at Mobile Fun!

5.) OK. This is from last month......but I still like it. It is amusing!
     I give you the "Disney corporate retreat."

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