Wednesday, January 9, 2013


5 things that I LOVE this no particular order!

1.) This one is from husband (via yahoo). These are not great buildings.....just unusual ones.....enjoy a 
     couple I liked the 'best':
This one is EXCEPTIONAL!!!

The entry point of this place....a little suspect. There. I said it!

2.) I love this story. I was really impressed by this labour of love! I like this one because it is 
      both artistic, musical, educational AND CANADIAN! 

Six String Nation is a guitar created by award-winning writer and broadcaster Jowi Taylor. What is exceptional about it, is that it is built from 64 pieces of bone, metal, wood, stone and fabric from distinctly Canadian sources. The guitar was created as "a symbol of national unity, to explore Canadian identity, and to connect people from all regions in Canada."

Over a period of eleven (YES....ELEVEN) years, Jowi collected pieces for the guitar from every province and territory in Canada. It was built by luthier George Riszanyi in his workshop near Pinehurst, Nova Scotia.

The Six String Nation guitar made its debut on Canada Day 2006, where it was played by Stephen Fearing, Colin Linden, Tom Wilson, and Stars. It has since been played by musicians such as Feist and Bruce Cockburn.

Following its debut performance, Taylor and the Six String Nation guitar made a 15-stop tour that summer stopping in communities where some of the pieces had originated which, along with subsequent visits to communities and encounters with people across Canada, were chronicled with photos in a book by Taylor in 2009. 

Hear an enjoyable 30 minute interview (from TVO) with Jowi about the project here:
What is also remarkable, is that the Six String Nation project has been developed and executed entirely without direct government support!!!!!  To see where the great travelling guitar is now.....go to the WEBSITE. To help fund the ongoing efforts to get the guitar across the country, they depend on fees from festival, conference and school visits, on occasional cash and in-kind sponsorships and on the individual support of donors like go and DONATE!!!

3.) My sister has a knack for finding and recreating AH-MAH-ZING cocktails. I give you, 
      Patty's Christmas cocktail, or as she calls it 'The White Freezie". Which ironically is
      neither white - nor frozen. It is DEEEEELISH! 

      Banana liqueur
      Red 'Sour Puss'  
This has festive pomegranate seeds added for extra excitement!!
(and yes, this is a crystal glass....that's how my sis rolls!!!)

4.) Hold onto your hats elderly readers. I LOVE this link:

     Simply, it converts YouTube videos into MP3s! I know this is not a new thing, but I am just 
     loving it lately, as is has enabled me to turn this (watch out for the "x-rated" language in 
     this video):

     into a pleasing new ringtone!!!
     GO ON! Do it not only for yourself, but to please the ears of all those around you!

5.) You know how I LOVE all things Downton Abbey??? This is kinda mean....but it did make  
      me laugh and laugh.......a site called "edith with googly eyes" amused me for some time!! 
      Here are a couple.....but there are a couple of PAGES of these on the site! Check it out!!
(Thanks to Dale and Cindy for this one!!)

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