Friday, January 11, 2013


Can you tell I am getting very little actual painting done this week????
As such, I have LOADS of time to BRAG.
Those of you who know me, know that I am a bit more on the self-effacing modest side...
But I did a blog like this a couple of years ago....and it really made me feel like I was a big fast success!
And who doesn't want that???

1)     I completed my 500th painting. BLAMO!!!! Read about it HERE! I also created about 53 new artworks in total (not too shabby).

2)     I was published in a great magazine! TWO WHOLE PAGES in Spacing Magazine!!!
        Read the whole story HERE.

3)      I finally created the prints that I  have been meaning to do for some time! I wanted to create  
         something that was a lower price point, but that still looked good enough for me to be proud of!!!
         Read about my FANTASTIC PRINTS HERE.

4)      I had a great commission for "Bomb Girls". I am super proud of this one....and if you haven't
         heard me blog about this one...where the heck have you been??? Read more HERE!

5)      I did 136 Blog posts last year!!!! A record for me!! I hope you read ALL of the posts???

6)      A record of 19 new paintings in a 46 days!!!! It might not sound like a lot....but it was a KILLER.
         Thankfully I was pleased with the show called Sign of the Times! Read about it HERE.....or read
          AAAALLLL about it HERE!

**Sadly Gallery 129 Ossington decided that 2012 would be their last year! SO TERRIBLE to lose another great gallery! They will be missed.

7)     Sign of Times was importat to me for another reason - in that it had a bit of a different look about
        it! I was able to further refine my style of 'collage' by paint! I am really excited about the
        progression my art took last year!!! I think this one was my BEST:

8.)      In a year when I have been haemorrhaging gallery representation, I was thrilled to start working
          with MJG Gallery! I did a couple posts about Mark and how great it was to show with him this
          year!! Read Spring-loaded and Spring has sprung:

9)       In addition to my 2 solo shows, and 5 group shows, I got the following press/attention:
          Globe and Mail
          The Grid
          The Ontarion (Guelph paper)
          The Dilettantes Diary (Blog)
          Out and About News
          Art Junkie (Blog)

10.)    ONCE AGAIN,  I was able to make a living in the arts!! 2012 was an exceptionally BAD year 
           for sales, but a great year to LEARN! 2013, I think is shaping up to be a BIG year for me!!!

I am so grateful for those who purchased my work this year.
I am grateful for the Galleries that were able to stick with me this year: 
I would also like to thank my friends and family and especially husband who always helps me 'get back on the horse'! (that is an expression - I don't really have a horse)
Finally, thank you loyal readers for checking in with me, I appreciate every one of you.
Thanks for taking the time! 
And remember your comments are most welcome here!

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