Friday, January 25, 2013


Howdy y'all.
Sometimes I get 'stuck' artistically. I know you may find it hard to believe (given how much work I produce in a year) but it is true!!!
Sometimes inspiration comes in the oddest of places.
My friend Cindy suggested I create something for an upcoming show at Atomic Toybot.
The show is called "The Pony Paddock" and it opens on Wednesday February 13.
It is a show all about My Little Pony.
Yes, you heard me.
I know it seems like a strange fit for me, but sometimes, you just need to do something ELSE to kickstart your creativity. This was EXACTLY the kick in the pants I needed!!!
I will have more deets on the show in the next couple weeks....
But until then, please enjoy my take on the MLP phenomenon:

Yes. "Friendship is Magic" is actually their 'motto' or 'credo' or whatever it is......
My take is perhaps a bit more cynical.
What do you think??

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