Friday, April 16, 2010


One more little shadow boxes. 
I wanted to show you how I made this one.......

I chose, from my reference shots, my original 16" x 20" painting entitled "Hard".
I cropped out the drink pouring guy, and printed it on a heat transfer paper......

Then I took this dragon fly from my original 16" x 20" painting entitled "Bugged", and also printed it on a heat transfer paper.....

I also took this little drinking guy from my original painting from 2004 entitled "Drink to Others", and printed it on heat transfer paper too....

With all these piece in place, I felt it still needed something. So I added a bit of intensity, with acrylic paint, to the colours of my printed imagery, and then added an ink detail of a fly ontop.
As an afterthought, I also added alittle red plastic bingo dot to it - just to balance out the reds.
F-U-N,  huh?
What do you think? 
Should I keep making these little "jewels"? 


  1. Nope! I haven't sold any of them yet! But I like this this your favourite so far??

  2. this is definitely my favourite and would like to own it.....