Wednesday, April 28, 2010


As many of you know, in a former life, I was a full-time Muralist and Scenic Painter. to date, i have worked on several hundred murals. At one time, I was working for several soul-eating, mega-mural-producing conglomerates, which were producing big mural packages for the OLGC. Eventually, I went on my own and started creating murals then finally artwork for myself....sadly, in my career as a Muralist, I have reproduced the Tuscan landscape more times than I care to count! After a while it is just not interesting! But maybe, if we can re-think what a mural has to look like, there can be murals that are spectacular! Check out this below......the sky is the limit, it can be super-graphic or painterly and bold......Imagine your space - or a corporate space, with a GREAT mural! Whadda 'ya think? This is based on a painting of mine from a few years ago! It could be more graphic and simple for a kids room.....or made larger for a loft!


  1. OMG can I steal this for my blog posting today? Maybe two more of your art work photoshopped and I'll add my take to the bottom PLEASE!!!!!! Same couch etc.....Maybe even your own take on landscape...for those with more conventional tastes...
    Did I say OMG?

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