Thursday, April 8, 2010


   I awoke this morning to find these city-workers out front of my house. It appears that this is the 9:30am breaktime........which is curious - as they started at 9am! I listened to them chit-chat for what seemed like an eternity........without working a single bit. I wonder if their work will be done today. In fact, I wonder how many days it takes to complete a 1 day job? The crazy part is that if I compared my bank account statement to the city-workers statement, those chit-chatters would appear rather successful – and me? Not so much!
     It begs the questions – do you really have to work hard to achieve success and does the universe reward those who don’t work hard with wealth?
     As an artist, I have kinda felt that one of the keys to success is to treat your art form with a bit of business savvy. For example, if you work on your art/career for an 8 hour day, you tend to get a lot done! This hard work attitude should translate into success.
     However, if you get up, listen to some people outside your window, then update your blog and facebook, then check your emails, then get distracted on the computer, then suddenly look up at noon and realize that you have been surfing the web for clips of "Glee" for 3 are suddenly acting like a city-worker yourself!
     Ok, so I have done my part to waste time today, how long must I wait for my windfall of fortune?

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