Thursday, April 29, 2010


I know that title seems a Seussical...but every now and again, I feel a little celebrity-like. 
Ok, maybe not like a Prickton (the celebrity couple name of Paris Hilton and Rick Soloman) kind of celebrity....aka the famous-for-no-reason kind of celebrity. And certainly not like Brangelina, the world-known-and-revered kind of celebrity. More like a "local man eats weight in hotdogs" kinda of celebrity. Like a local-celebrity: a locebrity. 
For example, last month, I had my picture in the the local Metro paper.

Then yesterday, I had another brush with locebrity, and I was blogged about on the Paint a Lifestyle Blog. P.A.L. is a great reference for all things decorative paint and mural related. Barb's amusing insights make her a hoot to read and she has lots of great reference for both faux finishers and for the every-day person! 

In addition to yesterday's  post, Barb will be interviewing me for her video-blog called "Outside the Can", which will hopefully be both funny and informative.  I will post a link here when it happens. 
In the meantime check out the Paint a Lifestyle Blog!!

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