Monday, July 23, 2012


Three whole days without any art talk...any blogging......any painting.....
I deserve it, don't I? But - its a new week so.......back to the diamond mines....
My latest show "Town and Country" officially opened last week, and it was A LOT work.
(as much as doing what you love can be "work")
You see, it was a last minute show - I had 6 weeks from saying 'yes' to load in.
It means I worked like a dog to get as much new work ready as I could!
(BTW who made up that saying "worked  like a  dog" - seriously - have you ever seen a dog accountant? or dentist? or construction worker?)
Anyways, I had 6 weeks.......
In that time, planned, drew and painted 10 brand new pieces.
In that short time, I also re-imagined, re-drew and repainted another 5.
So that's 15 pieces in 6 weeks - which is a LOT!!!!!!!!!
(I'd do the math on this......but let's face it, there is a reason I am an artist! ;-)

So.....the opening was rather lightly attended. In fact, it was downright BLEAK.
Despite the terrible turn out on opening night, I was fortunate enough to sell a few pieces.
Which is nice. I know it is not all about sales, but right now, a little $$ would be a handy thing!
Thankfully, you, my dear readers and "fans" have a couple weeks to see these new works in person.
(I assure you - there is nothing like seeing art in person - the web doesn't quite do artwork justice)


On NOW to August 5th,
Tuesdays-Sundays, from 12pm-5pm
Hangman Gallery,
756 Queen St E., Toronto

Here is another new painting that you MUST see in person: (click it to en-biggen it)

"The Right Track", 20" x 60", Acrylic on canvas
This is St Clair Ave West in Toronto.
My inspiration? is part of controversy in the city due to the dedicated streetcar tracks.
Our current mayor had grand plans to dig up this line (which finished being constructed just 2 years ago) and bury it for his FANTASY subway plan - at a crazy price-tag!
I thought it was perfect fodder for a topical painting.
I like how this one turned out.
I painted in some very red-tape-y kind of printer paper with the quote from Will Rogers.
"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."
I then painted a poster of 'building a dream'.
I tried to keep it positive......and optimistic.
Hopefully that is what people see. until you can see this one in person (along with the other 23 paintings currently on exhibition)
Here is a little YouTube video (this marks the first time I have been on YouTube - that I know of)   Enjoy:

Have a great week - and let's keep cool!!!!

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