Friday, July 6, 2012


Happy Friday folks!
So, I still have my nose to the grindstone........producing the last of my paintings for my "Town and Country" exhibition opening July 19th. DETAILS HERE!!
I am finally in the home stretch!!!
So here is the latest. This (below) is "Miss the Train":
I have never been a super fan of this one...and it never seemed to speak to others either....
So....I re-imagined it....and here's how:
-First I tightened up the painting.......and bumped up the colour saturation.
-Then I cut the canvas off its frame......and glued the area I thought was the strongest to a new wooden panel board.
-I painted a new quote (from Dr Seuss' "The Lorax") on board and mounted it ontop of spacers - and then on top of the canvas painting.
-NEXT....I recycled (and painted) the stretcher frame that held the old painting together - adding them on top of the new piece. I also added a metal strip with pop-rivits.
-On the bottom of the new piece I painted "the better way".
-I also cut a streetcar shape out of scrap wood - painted it and added it on top.
-finally did a bit of shading and some washes to make it all look cohesive!
I think the end result is TERRIFIC!!!
I am super happy about the final result!!!
From an ok canvas painting to a great mixed media piece in only 2 days!!!!!!

"Better", 24" x 18" Acrylic on wood, canvas and metal
Well......what say you?
Remember to come out and see it live (2 weeks from now!!)
Have a great weekend all!!!!!

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