Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Howdy ho! Welcome to Wednesday!!!
Again this week I am sharing 5 things that I think are S-U-P-E-R!

1.) You know how I love paper art......I talk about it a LOT these days. You MUST check out Diana Beltran Herrera. Her paper birds are really BREATHTAKING! Don't take my wow for it....look at these:

See more of her fabulous birds (and other paper animals) over on her Flickr.
(thanks to This is colossal for this one!!!)

2.) Port Hope, On. Yes.....I can't believe it, but I LOVED my overnight trip to PoHo. Here are the wiki-details:

Port Hope is a municipality in Southern Ontario, Canada, about 109 kilometres (68 mi) east of Toronto and about 159 kilometres (99 mi) west of Kingston. It is located at the mouth of the Ganaraska River on the north shore of Lake Ontario.

It even inspired me to paint it:
"Power", 18" x 18" Acrylic on Canvas, 2012

- The downtown core is one of the nicest Ontario heritage downtowns that I have ever seen.
There are a bunch of stunning small town buildings that are immaculately maintained!! It was the winner of TV Ontario's competition for the "Best Preserved Main Street in Ontario". With a wealth of beautifully restored early homes and buildings, Port Hope can boast 300 designated buildings, more per capita than anywhere else in Canada!

- There is a beautiful river that goes through it....and also a lovely beach!


- ALWAYS something to do - numerous festivals - free concerts at the cute bandstand - fishing - boating - even a summer stock theatre (that I painted scenery for 13 years ago) and much much more!!!

 - Lots of great restaurants, cafes, bakeshops, cute stores and antique stores!!

- and if that weren't enough........I give you.......CRAZY COOKIES.....O   M   G:

Now.....get out this summer and take a weekend in PoHo. You won't regret it!!!

3.) No Doubt is BAAACK!

This super catchy song and fun video from Gwen and Co. is something I can't get outta my head....I love the sounds in the background of the song......and the look of the video too........but you be the judge:

4.) THIS RUG. COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are recycled carpets/comforters/blankets. 
I love how Lise Lefebvre makes these faux bear-skin rugs!!!!!!

Check out her other fantastic stuff!!!

5.) Finally....this amused me this week. Ever think you could solve a movie's major plot twist with a simple solution? Me too.....Cracked tasked its users with Photoshopping some simple fixes to well-known movie plots. Click here for more!

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