Friday, July 13, 2012


Happy Friday y'all!
Yup.....still busy painting for:
Down to the last minute in fact.
I have only a few days to complete my last paintings for the show........EEEEK!
As many of you know, I have been painting brand new Landscapes, which is a change of pace for me.......but I have also been painting Urban pieces as well.
Traditionally, I have shyed away from the really iconic Toronto buildings.
But lately,  I thought maybe there was a way to make them work in my paintings.....
Here is the result:
"Build Cities", Acrylic on Board
So...let me break it down.
The cityscape is compiled from a bunch of photos.....and it is the Flatiron Building here in TO.
Here is some wiki-knowledge about it:
The red-brick Gooderham Building (commonly referred to as the "Flatiron Building") is a historic landmark of Toronto, Ontario, Canada located at 49 Wellington Street East. On the eastern edge of the city's Financial District (east of Yonge Street), it is in the St. Lawrence neighbourhood wedged between Front Street and Wellington Street, where they join up to form a triangular intersection. Completed in 1892, it was an early example of a prominent "Flatiron" building. Other "Flatiron" examples are the English-American Building in Atlanta, completed in 1897, and the Fuller Building in New York City, completed in 1902.
The Gooderham Building is the focal point of one of Toronto's most iconic vistas: looking west down Front Street towards the building's prominent rounded corner, framed on the sides by the heritage commercial blocks along Front Street, and with the skyscrapers of the Financial District towering in the background. The CN Tower is also visible from certain angles behind Brookfield Place. This vista frequently appears in imagery of the city.
So there you go.
The imagery on the bottom of the welder - I really like.....and have used before in an old painting.
(I do my best to recycle!!)
The quote is "We used to build civilizations. Now we build shopping malls and condos." from travel author Bill Bryson. And the quote is painted on a trompe l'oeil cocktail napkin.
Then the whole painting got some coloured washes and aging.
Whadda ya think??
Like it?

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