Tuesday, July 17, 2012

HOUSEKEEPING: Canadian Art Junkie & Brownies

I really wanted to make 2 little housekeeping notes.
1.) I was mentioned at Canadian Art Junkie Blog which is nice! You should check out the blog - there
     is lots of really great stuff here!!!!

2. On last week's #WW post - #4 was making brownies in the waffle maker.
    I liked the idea....but this weekend I tried it out......IT WAS SUPER FANTASTICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   Yes....it was a bit messy - as mine kept sticking........but they were deeeelish!!!
   They were great hot from the maker - crispy on the sides and soft in the middle......
   also I topped mine with ice-cream and fresh raspberry sauce!!!!!!!
   GO AND TRY IT OUT!!! I highly recommend it!

Ok...that's it.
See you on Thursday night from 7-9pm at Hangman Gallery, (756 Queen St. East) Toronto, ON

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