Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I had a perky title for this post all ready (because it is my #69 post) but then I realized that I am already being detected as 'spam' and BLOCKED for adult content by the servers at the government......
(true story)
So I decided not to go for the tasteless joke!
Ok...on with it......the 5 things that I LOOOOOVE this week:

1.) My obsession with 'the big apple' doesn't stop at the Brooklyn Bridge. HECK NO! I am in love with many of the super cool stuff happening in Brooklyn! THIS is exceptional......

For his latest project called "Watertower", Brooklyn artist Tom Fruin, has created a monumental water tower sculpture using colorful salvaged plexiglass pieces gathered from all over NYC. Illuminated by the sun during the day and by Ardunio-controlled light sequences designed by Ryan Holsopple at night, this beacon of light is a tribute to the iconic New York water tower and a symbol of the vibrancy of Brooklyn. Watertower opened June 7th, with daily light shows beginning at dusk and continuing to morning.

AM I RIGHT?????? WOWSERS!!!!!!!! 
Check out Tom's site for more info:


(Thanks to

2.) So you know that I am all about the paper-art movement right now.....well check out this stop motion will AH-MAH-ZE you. 

It is set to the song “Østersøen” by the band Ödland. The animation was directed by Vincent Pianina & Lorenzo Papace.

#16. Østersøen (Ödland, Sankta Lucia) from Lorenzo Papace on Vimeo.

(if link doesn't work - click HERE)

(Thanks to Thisiscolossal)

3.)  Do you have an iPhone or iPad? Do you consider yourself an artist? Would you like to make art WITHOUT all the hassle of actually getting an arts education and being an artist? Check out this app! Yes, you will have to pony up 99 cents for it.....but it is pretty cool!!  The 'popsicolor' iPhone and iPad app by brooklyn-based software company tinrocket transforms photographs into watercolor-like images. An adjustable setting controls the focus and balance of white space, while two rows of colour palettes along the top and bottom of the image let users decide which colours to blend within the imitation watercolor. If the iPhone or iPad is kept face-up and level while 'popsicolor' is at work, the paintings will feature a clean border; otherwise the app adds in mock drips. Like so:

tried one myself...turn this:

 into this:
or try a different filter:

A great time waster!!!

4.) this is a product I LOVE.....(thanks to Design Sponge for this one)

So......have you ever been annoyed by the collection of 1/4 gallons of paint in your basement??
Wish there was a simpler way to store a little bit of touch up paint for your home?
Slobproof has a solution....I give you the Slobproof Paint Pen. This handy dandy little guy lets you load up the pen and save it for years in case you need little touch ups here and there. If you’re in the market for something that will help with those little dings, click here to pick up a set of two paint pens for $19.99.
SMART?? NO????

5.) You know I am a bit of a Disneyphile.....well this made me laugh. Stick with is the WHOLE song......and there are some funny cameos at the end of it.......
Here is the "UPDATED" (aka funny) version:

****SPECIAL THANKS TO Josephine Cleo for this one!!!!


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